Saturday, November 5, 2011

Following Tahshie

I have been following Tahshie's blog since before Brad died. I really enjoy her posts.

This morning at about 6:00, I couldn't sleep so I opened her blog and caught up. I enjoy being part of her life. I love the phone calls for help when she needs something. I even enjoy speeding to her house in the middle of the night and searching her house for an intruder that set off her alarm. I remember thinking that he (who ever he is) better not resist in any way or he was going to get to see Brad sooner than the rest of us. He would have to explain to Brad why he was in his house with his wife and daughter in the middle of the night. Good thing no one got caught that night. Better for him and better for me.

As I was banging around in Blogspot trying to learn more about the site I found a section called "Following". I guess this is who is actively following your posts. The only one listed was "Mya". Oh well, maybe I'll try learning another day.