Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hi Family,

As you all know, Wyatt Keynan Morgan was born on October 1, 2009.

Baby Wyatt is now 4 months old. He has already wound his little soul around our hearts.

In the first 4 months, Wyatt was content laying on his back and being fascinated by his new world. (Reminds me of Keynan when he was that age)

Unfortunately all the laying on his back caused a flat spot on Wyatt's head. If not corrected, his head will be a little misshapen for life. The Doctors think that this was caused at birth and by laying on his back, but he may have just inherited it from his dad.

We know that he did not inherit it from his mother.

She is pretty cute.

However; she does wear a helmet sometimes, so she will be able to relate to Wyatt.

Wyatt has an appointment this next Tuesday for his helmet fitting. The helmet will help form his cute little head into the perfect shape in just a few months. This will be an event of short duration but the effects will last a life time.

This helmet for Wyatt, (Not Sara) will be a little expensive. (Approximately $4,000.00. We don't know how much their insurance will pay at this point) We need $800.00 by Tuesday for their appointment, or they will not allow them to get the helmet. A Cash on Delivery kind of a thing.

I am doing something that I rarely do and that is asking for help. I know that things are tuff right now for all of us, but time is of the essence for Wyatt.

Any donation would help, even if it is just $10.00. Susan and I will cover the remainder.

Please call me on my cell if you can help.

I know that Keynan, Sara, and Wyatt would appreciate anything that you could do.

If you know of someone that I missed on the addresses, please forward this message to them.



Mike and Susan

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