Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well, It has been over a month since Wyatt got his helmet. He loves to go to the store and show it off.

Keynan and Sara have been telling us that they can tell the difference in his head. I was sure that this was just parents hoping for the best and seeing things that maybe were not really there.

However; as you can see from the pictures after just 30 days of wearing the helmet, it really is working fast.

This picture was taken on the day of the fitting. You can clearly see the flat spot on the back right side of his head and his ears are offset.
According to the doctor, his head was out of square by 14 millimeters. They determined this by making a X on the top of his head and then taking measurements.

Just a short 30 days later and "Holy Cow", look at the difference.

The doctor told them at the last checkup that Wyatt's head is now just 6 millimeters out of square. It has moved over half the way.

Look at the right rear area that was so flat. It is now nicely rounded. Look at the ears. They are much more symmetrical now.

We should not have been surprised. Wyatt has been working very hard this past 30 days. He has been doing his physical therapy exercises and is always happy about it. He has been wearing the helmet religiously and only takes it off for a bath. 1 hour per day.

On a lighter note, have you ever been walking through the house bare footed? Have you ever caught your little toe on some object and heard it crack as the little bone inside snaps! Have you felt the pain shoot up your leg as you wonder if you will loose your breakfast?

Well, this is a post about Wyatt and the successes that he has realized. Not about my pain, so we won't talk about it. (The toe and part of the foot did turn a really nice color, don't you think)

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