Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yesterday, Tahsha and Leah came by to pick up Ellie.

Leah whispered something to Tahsha. I asked what she had whispered and Tahsha tole me that Casey had died in the night. She started to cry. We have known that he was sick. Mike and Nichole have been helping her with him.

I wish that I believed in a mysterious force in the universe that controlled everything. FATE, or KARMA, or the SUN or MOON. Then I could shake my fist and curse it. But I don't. I know that a loving Father in Heaven is in control and I submit to his will. I have great faith that in his hand is all that teaches, strengthens and heals.

I just hurt when my little girl hurts. This last year has been so hard on her. I want to pick her up and kiss the hurt and make it go away. I haven't figured out how to do that.

We have run the course of 2011
What a year it has been
We have let go a few to heaven
Of dogs, children and men

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