Thursday, March 1, 2012


Right now, somewhere in the Henry Mountains is my son TJ. He is with friends hunting for deer sheds.

We were in the Henry's last year at this same time. (Didn't turn out so well). TJ was the one who got us out. Without him, I wouldn't be laying in bed next to my wife right now.

A storm came through last night and I have been worried about him. Maybe I should get in the truck and go find him. He is out of service so I can't call. Maybe he will call today.

When is it when a father quits worrying about his kids. (TJ will be 30 in a couple of months)
Tahsha is healing, Keynan is catching up, Kolton is lost, Luke is crazy busy, Josh is far away, Britt is moving forward, Bug is trying to breathe. What about my Daughters and Sons in law?

Then there are the grand kids. Now I have 9 more to worry about.

Sometimes I wish I could put worry in my wallet and only get it out when I have time. Maybe I'll learn how to do that sometime.

Another day perhaps.

Until then, I wonder if TJ stayed warm last night?

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TJ and Stephanie said...

You are such an amazing father! Thank you for sharing your son with me, at times I don't feel I deserve him.
I am so lucky to have you as my other dad. I don't think we/I show you enough just how much we appreciate you, all the service you give to us and all the worries you have. Thank you.