Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 7

Well, the long awaited day arrived. Wyatt's appointment to get fitted for his helmet. He is excited and wants to get on with it.
The reason that the helmet is needed? Let me see if I can explain.
(When I get done, call Keynan and Sara for the real explanation.)

In the womb, Wyatt was safe and comfortable. He loved to cuddle up, listening and feeling his Mom walk, talk, sleep etc. While he was so comfortable, he would rest his head down and to the right. The muscles on the left side of his neck were stretched out but the muscles on the right side did not get stretched. They were perfectly formed, but not stretched out.

After birth, Wyatt could not turn his head to the left due to the muscles on the right side of his neck being to short. He also could not lift his head up. As a result of this, Wyatt continued to lay on his back with his head down and to the right. This caused the flat spot that you can see on the back right side of his head.

As the flat spot grew, it shifted the soft bones in his head. As you can see, his ears are offset. This is not noticeable from the front as you can see from the first picture. The front right side and the rear left side are more pronounced.

The doctor explains how the helmet that Keynan is holding will work. The helmet will fit snugly on the front right side and the rear left side. It will have space between the helmet and his head on the opposite sides. As his head grows, it will grow into the spaces and not grow where it is already snug. This will reverse the process that has already happened to cause the head to be misshappen.

The doctor spent allot of time fitting the helmet on Wyatt. He would make marks and take measurements and then leave for 10 or 15 minutes. He would cut and shape the helmet to fit him exactly.

After several times in and out of the room, the doctor does the final fitting.

And Wallah, Wyatt loves it. He appears to be overcome with joy and happiness.

Actually He got use to the helmet pretty quickly.

Being above average intelligence, looks, personality and ancestry, he will do just fine. (Papa's Bias)

Please stay tuned. We will continue to show Wyatt's progress. The doctor told Keynan and Sara that he will wear the helmet for 3 to 4 months. He did caution them that this was just an estimate. Some take longer.

Once again, many thanks go out to everyone who donated money to help Keynan and Sara.

P.S. The ladies at the animal shelter are phenomenal. They and those that they know contributed more than we ever could have hoped for.

Now quit reading and get back to work. That means you Lindsay!!

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Anonymous said...

I was one that contributed & found your story a wonderful inspiration! Thanks for taking the time to give an update. God be with you and your family! A friend of Brandy's